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Comparing two short stories

The two short stories «Free for all» and «My son the fanatic» gives two different takes on raising an immigrant family and multiculturalism in general. It shows the problems with raising someone in one certain culture while the kids have a stronger connection to a different culture. In the short story «Free for all», theFortsett å lese «Comparing two short stories»

Gran Torino

When I started watching this film I was a bit skeptical because I did not understand where it was trying to go. It was hard to understand what the theme of the film were going to be. After watching it however I think the film was quite good, because it depicts multiculturalism in an engagingFortsett å lese «Gran Torino»


In the film the main conflict is Spotlight`s pursue towards revealing systematic abuse by priests towards children for the public, while the church wants to hide it from the public and especially the cover-up they have been doing for some decades. Spotlight starts investigating this issue seriously when the new editor in chief Marty BaronFortsett å lese «Spotlight»

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